My New Blogging Home

I feel more motivated already. In context: as of today, I shut down my old website, The Literarium, and moved all of my content to its new home here at A Storied Soul.

What prompted me to do this? Well, for awhile now I debated and thought about changing the name of my old blog to something that is more meaningful, more “me”, and more suited to who I am in relation to books. The old one wasn’t connecting with me anymore, and I was becomming less and less motivated to do anything with it. I couldn’t get the URL I wanted, everything was disorganized, and it was a struggle in many other ways. So, it wasn’t going anywhere near where I wanted it to. This he new website is in a position to do what I want it to and to go where I want it to, and after five years here, I think it’s time for a new start.

Also, a big issue for me with The Literarium is that its name implies a “literary-ness” that I no longer subscribe to, that I should write about books that have a “literary” quality to them. I have grown in the last five years and my reading tastes have grown and changed too. I started writing solely about “literary fiction”, and over time I started reading more YA fiction, short stories, mysteries, and children’s fiction. In this vein, as I have entered the library field in which I work, I have developed a love of all books, and I have come to believe that it is literacy and reading that are important, not the inherent canonical value of a text or genre.

Besides, as I said, I grew to not identify with the old website as much. The name does not reflect “me” and who I am as a writer, blogger, literacy advocate, and reader anymore. So, I am moving to a website, this one, that will enable to me to do just that.

I hope you all will take this journey with me. Please update your bookmarks and links. I have exported all the content from the old site to this new one. This means you will still be able to find your favorite posts, pages, and ramblings there. There are a few minor things missing–lost in the ether I guess (pictures and such), but those issues are easily fixed.

Thank you, every one, for your friendship and support up to this point–it is something I highly value and appreciate–and I hope to continue to have that as I move forward here at my new home.



Note: this entry has been cross-posted from my old website, The Literarium.


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